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INVERNIZZI PRESSE was founded in the 1950s thanks to the spirit of enterprise and the marked ability acquired in the mechanical sector by Mr. Mario Invernizzi and his wife Laura Maggi.

The company immediately distinguished itself for its peculiar character, the high quality of custom-made machines, the innovative technical solutions adopted, the attractive and modern design, always pioneering trends to come.
Fundamental to the firm's growth has been its close relationship with the local area: as early as the mid-1980s Invernizzi Presse has been an integral part of the local supply chain, guaranteeing strategic outsourcing control.

In the mid-1990s, the leadership of the company was then passed on to the sons of the two founders, who are credited with having maintained the original structure and values while still managing to implement a strong process of evolution, innovating and being able to span different and new market sectors. The name of Invernizzi Presse, from being a reality operating on the Italian territory, has thus established itself first in the European market up to selling its machines all over the world; this success, even beyond the local borders, is the result of the company's main goal: a close collaboration with the customer in search of solutions most advantageous to him without ever neglecting quality, reliability, innovation and design; always synonymous with the INVERNIZZI PRESSE brand.

Almost 65 years have already passed since its birth and despite the transition to a larger reality, both the values and the spirit marked by the founder Mario Invernizzi have not changed.

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Mission & Vision



INVERNIZZI PRESSE offers itself as a partner for exchanges of information and technical experience, this is not only its strength, but also and above all the real generating source of its wealth, its know-how.
We build our own equipment and tools and continuously improve them.
This ensures stable and efficient production processes for our customers. Thanks to our decades of experience in designing and manufacturing our own tools, we develop customized solutions for our customers.


With more than 1,000 machines made and sold, 6 different partners and two production units, INVERNIZZI PRESSE continues to consolidate itself in the market as a reality in constant growth and evolution.

Already more than 500 companies have chosen the high quality of our product, what are you waiting for? join our network!